Benchmark offers Imaging Cameras from Matrox, SVS-Vistek and FluxData

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FluxData offers a series of 3CCD multispectral cameras ranging in resolution from VGA up to 2MP. Customers can pick from the following preconfigured spectral options:

  • FD-1665-MS-3:  Red, Green, Blue or Any three narrow or broad band filters between 400-1000nm.  
  • FD-1665-MS-5: RGB Bayer, NIR 1 and NIR 2.  NIR bands being any narrow or broad band filter between 700-1000nm.
  • FD-1665-MS-7: Patented 7 Channel configurations that provide 6 unique spectral channels between 400-700nm and one near infrared channel.  NIR band being any narrow or broad band filter between 700-1000nm.
  • FD-1665-Custom: Any combination of monochrome or color RGB Bayer CCD's with any narrow or broadband filter.  Custom solutions also include a 3 Sensor InGaAs SWIR configuration.
  • FD-3SWIR:  A full product line of SWIR InGaAs multispectral and polarimetric cameras.
  • FD-1665-UAV: Full line of purpose built for UAV integrators and users based on the FD-1665 camera line.

The FD-1665 is used in a wide array of applications and solutions.

  • Color Reproduction
  • Document and archival imaging
  • Medical 3CCD Imaging
  • Machine Vision
  • Iris Imaging
  • Industrial Vision
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles and Plastics
  • Timber Inspection
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Defense
  • Pyrometer

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