Benchmark Electronic Systems has been working for over two decades with the global technical teaching community to enhance the learning experience of engineering students. To ensure that its products complement current classroom teaching. Reasons why, today, Benchmark has to its credit a worldwide presence in the field of technical education training equipment. Its equipment is in use in several thousand technical training institutions across the world and more than two million engineers have worked on Benchmark equipment before moving on to design commercial communication networks.

pix-ofs02Our products teach the concepts of modern communication networks... and more.

Dedicated to promoting science and technology at the education/research level, we have developed:

Our focus on innovation; relevance to faculty and industry; quality and value delivery has enabled us to become the leading designer and manufacturer of Engineering Laboratory Systems and Products with installations across South Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, UK and North America.

Our designers have several years of experience in product design and development using high-end electronic design automation tools. They are especially skilled at adapting internationally available solutions to suit the user's specific requirements and to provide solutions starting from systems analysis through specification, design, development, procurement, integration, installation, user training and support.

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