About us – The Company

Benchmark Electronic Systems is, today, a leading force in its area of operations. What has made this possible is the Company’s sharply honed focus on:

  • Innovation
  • Relevance to faculty and industry
  • Quality and value delivery

All reasons why Benchmark Electronic Systems is, today, a leading designer and manufacturer of engineering laboratory systems and products with installations across South Asia, South East Asia, The Middle East, Australia, UK and North America.


Our Focus

Dedicated to promoting science and technology at the education/research level, Benchmark has developed

Fibre Optic & Digital Communication Trainers, Fibre Optic Laboratory Systems, Fibre Optic Sources & Power Meters, various Fibre Optic Links,LAN-Trainers, Network and Data Security Training Systems, Wireless Digital Communication Training Systems and Image Processing configurations. In addition, it markets a range of high-end, image processing solutions for education.

Benchmark equipment focuses on training students to arrive at technical solutions from the concepts covered in the theory. Students start with basic concepts and are trained to do prototype development. This ensures that they are ready to work with and design commercial systems when they join industry. Our development and design is done in active collaboration with experienced professors at reputed institutions, so ensuring that equipment and training modules assist the faculty by complementing classroom teaching.

Our Reach

We have set up Fibre Optic, Networking & Image Processing Laboratories at reputed educational institutes for students to gain proficiency in these technologies.

Our training equipment has also been used at technical faculty training institutes to upgrade the faculty skills in these areas. Several corporate training laboratories are also using our equipment to provide specialized training to their employees.

Turnkey Projects

Benchmark Electronics System has also successfully completed a number of turnkey projects involving development of custom point-to-point Fibre Optic Communications Systems. The projects include design and set up of:

  • An optical fibre link to connect the studio with the broadcast station for a television channel in South India
  • A point-to-point underwater fibre optic communication system
  • High-resolution fibre optic video link for operation theatres

Our designers have several years of experience in product design and development using high-end electronic design automation tools. They are especially skilled at adapting internationally available solutions to suit the user's specific requirements and to provide solutions starting from systems analysis through specification, design, development, procurement, integration, installation, user training and support.

We are continuously introducing new sets of products and training modules, in complete compatibility with our existing range of products, for students of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering.

We have our own offices in Chennai, Delhi and Singapore to assist you with service and support. In addition we also have an extensive reseller network to provide you relevant information and support.

Our Mission

  • To become a leading, internationally recognized developer of specialised training equipment in "state-of-the-art" communication technologies
  • To provide cost-effective, focused training solutions – worldwide - to organisations using or teaching these technologies, through the development, manufacture and distribution of excellent, innovative, specially designed equipment and systems

Quality Process

Our quality goal is to provide excellent, defect-free products to our customers, on time. This is achieved by adhering to the following principles:

  • Our quality effort is led and supported by our management
  • We will always strive to meet our customer's product and delivery requirements
  • We are committed to only doing 100% error-free work. We guarantee that we never pass on any defective product or part
  • We will prevent errors by anticipating them and initiating action to solve the problem before it happens
  • We will strive to improve the design, materials, assembly or testing process, as appropriate, to eliminate the source of the problem
  • We will steadily improve the quality of our products and processes by always following Continuous Quality Improvement Processes
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