Wireless Digital Communication Training System

wicommt logo 200 The Ultimate Wireless Digital Communication Training System – SDR Platform

The Benchmark WiCOMM-T – the ultimate Wireless Digital Communication Traning System Platform – is the actual implementation of modern digital communication systems with direct interface to MATLAB through the Hi-Speed
USB port of a PC.


SDR software defined radio training

The WiCOMM-T is based on the curriculum developed in the Intel Wireless Laboratory of IIT Madras

The WiCOMM-T provides maximum flexibility in learning complete digital communication system concepts, which includes digital modulation techniques, Baseband Equalization, Filtering concepts, and the basics of CDMA, GSM etc. MATLAB codes of all suggested experiment topics are available to users as reference. A MATLAB interface to the Platform also allows users to try out other topics on their own.


Typical implementation of modern communication systems

Interface with MATLAB

  • Gives the ability to generate required signal and pass it through the transmitter and receiver providing a real life wireless digital communication system

Comprehensive manual – describes wide range of experiments

Loop back options at Baseband and at IF

Experiment Topics
Experiment Topics  
Baseband Digital Communication Link (Baseband loop back)
  • Raised Cosine spectrum pulses
  • Timing acquisition algorithm
  • Clock tracking & slip control
  • Matched filtering, Root raised cosine spectrum pulses – performance in noise
Adaptive Equalization Techniques (Baseband & IF)
  • Adaptive linear equaliser
  • Adaptive decision feedback equaliser
  • MSE convergence
  • Decision aided channel tracking


Quadrature Modulation Schemes (Baseband & IF)
  • QPSK (Phase and frequency offset)
  • Constellation plots
  • Carrier recovery algorithm
  • Carrier and Clock Tracking
wicomm exp 02
GSM (Baseband)
  • GMSK modulation and demodulation
  • Viterbi equaliser for GSM
Basics of DS-CDMA (Baseband & IF)
  • Orthogonal and non-orthogonal spreading codes
  • Multipath channel estimation for RAKE receiver
  • SER performance of RAKE combiner
Basics of OFDM (Baseband & IF)
  • Timing and Frequency synchronisation
  • Channel estimation using FFT processing
  • Channel estimation using modified LS
  • Mean Square Error Performance


wicommt back 200
(Need additional hardware / RF block and MATLAB codes development by user)
A simple Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Transmission and reception at various frequencies

Any Arbitrary Modulation Scheme

  • 8PSK, QAM (16, 64 etc), EDGE, WCDMA*, WiFi, WiMAX*
  • Compare at base-band and IF loop-back

FM Radio Reception

Spectrum Analysis at the IF frequencies (needs spectrum analyzer)

Reception of local GSM broadcast channel

Channel Coder / Decoder

  • Turbo decoder
  • LDPC coder / decoder

Access WiCOMM-T platform remotely through TCP/IP via internet

V.32 Modem

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)

Discrete Multi Tone (DMT) modem

Ordering Information

 Ordering Information

LAN-T Comprising Qty
WiCOMM-T BU: Base Unit 1
IFX70MHz: 70MHz IF Module 1
WiCOMM-T PS: Power Supply 1
WiCOMM-T SW: Experiment Software 1
WiCOMM-T MAN: Manual 1
PROJECTS System Requirements 1
Optional Qty
RFX2.4GHz: 2.4GHz Module Tx & Rx - 2 nos (Two WiCOMM-Ts required) 2

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